【英語】FIND THE WAY(機動戦士ガンダム) – 中島美嘉

xHiddenxWhisperxさんが歌う英語版 FIND THE WAY(機動戦士ガンダム)
“FIND THE WAY (Mobile Suit Gundam)” sung by xHiddenxWhisperx in English.


Why can’t you tell me, why your so afraid
Just tell me all your problems Ill take them away
I just want to see that smile on your face
Ill take you to a peaceful place
I know that you have a broken heart
but I promise I won’t tear this apart
I hope that you will finally see where you should be

Find the way
To happiness and out of the darkness
I know that you will finally find your way
even during the most darkest day when your dealing with all your pain
You’ll find the way

【スペイン語】Ash like snow(機動戦士ガンダム00) – the brilliant green

Pazさんが歌うスペイン語版 Ash like snow(機動戦士ガンダム00)
“Ash like snow(Mobile Suit Gundam 00)” sung by Paz in Spanish.


Nubes de oscuro ébano tiñen el cielo rojo
Y el polvo de estrellas cenizas se volvió
Cayendo están, tal como nieve en la oscuridad

Y con pesar, observo el exterior
Nunca soñé
sentirme así
Debo ir contigo..

Mi mente está perdida en la negra noche
Desolándose, quebrándose
Veo cada día que el mundo cambia nuevamente y…
todo lo que me importaba
se destruyó, ya no queda nada

Una inmoral oscuridad de mí se apodera
Tu voz ahora va anestesiándome
Robándose mis emociones y mi sobriedad

Luchando estoy con la contradicción
pero no acaba
Y estoy harta ya de intentarlo

Aunque la luz se desvanezca en las sombras
Y la Tierra esté cada vez peor
Nunca olvidaré
todo aquello que solía desear
Pues aún me está guíando a un sitio mejor

Ahora iré por tí, yeah
Pues no hay
más que cenizas en la ciudad
Di por qué
tengo que luchar

Ahora mi mente está perdida en la negra noche
Desolándose, quebrándose
Y entre la oscuridad ~me doy cuenta que ya todo perdí
Todo lo que me importaba, todo perdido está
(Cenizas nevarán)
Ya no hay marcha atrás
(Baby, iré por ti)

Cierro mi corazón para no ser herida otra vez
Decidí nunca jamás volver a confiar
Sólo mostraré dureza y brusquedad
Ya no me importa nada

【英語】Ash Like Snow(機動戦士ガンダム00) – the brilliant green

geekymcgeeksteinさんが歌う英語版 Ash Like Snow(機動戦士ガンダム00)
“Ash Like Snow(Mobile Suit Gundam 00)” sung by geekymcgeekstein in English.


The sky
Is dyed with crimson red
That comes out of the darkness
Of what needs to be said
The stars we used to know
No longer glow
Obscured by all the ash that falls like snow

I watched it all
Through the window of my grief
I never dreamed
That I would feel so cold
There…I come for you

All of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation
Dreams I that once had have all been crushed
Now that everything’s changed, I have been holding on so desperately
To the precious things
That I cannot protect
‘Cause I always break them…

My heart
Is played just like harp
By sinful hands of darkness
With nails oh so sharp
Your voice is like a drug
That makes me numb
It leaves me with no senses,
Deaf and dumb

No matter how we try to win this war
It never ends!
And why must it be me
Who does the fighting?

Even if all the light around us is extinguished
Even if the Earth is turned to dust
I won’t ever forget
That tiny wish that burns eternally
It will guide us to a better world, somewhere

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Ash like Snow
Ash like snow
Let me hear…
why I have to fight?

And now all of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation
Dreams I that once had have all been crushed
In exchange for the glory that can overcome the choking dark
I have given up the strength I used to protect what I love
(It’s falling from your sky)
I don’t know what to do…
(Baby I come for you)

Every time that I’m cut by broken shards of what was once a dream
I will reach into the darkness of my heart,
and I will try to find the strength to carry on!
‘Cause I’ve made it this far…

【英語】焔の扉(機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY)- FictionJunction YUUKA

Amanda Leeさんが歌う英語版 焔の扉(機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY)
“Honoo no Tobira(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)” sung by Amanda Lee in English.


A mortal hand opens the door
That unleashes the dawn
And ends this pointless war
These hands are wounded bearing weight
For what tomorrow brings is all up to fate

The door of flames is open wide
Fanning the hot blaze all around
I cannot breathe or make a sound

Some are scared to pass through the door
So they turn away
‘Cause they fear being burnt
What if tears could subdue the flames
Then we could pass through
Unhurt by hell’s games
I have faith in love

A sparkle of light sees you off
Hoping that you return to your love’s side safely
Children who see the things we can’t
Point up to the skies
What sights do they see?

The search for missing seeds of hope
Leads us to the end of the sky
Let’s pray for those souls you and I

Why is nighttime always so calm
When the sun rises will this warmth turn to sorrow
I hold onto all my promises
And wait patiently at the horizon
You’re coming home
The sun’s rising slow

Crimson rain’s falling at our feet
I can hear a cry in the flames and the heat
In my heart I can hear your voice
And our vow to fight when we both had no choice

I’ll calm your trembling heart
My dear, with me, you soon will see
A sparkle of light sees you off
Hoping you return to me
Safely oh

Take my hand and open the door
Together we stand
Stronger than ever before
I know love can subdue the flames
And we will pass through
Unhurt by hell’s games
I have faith in our love
‘Cause you’re here with me
In the skies of destiny

機動戦士ガンダム SEED DESTINY 挿入歌 焔の扉

【スペイン語】暁の車(機動戦士ガンダムSEED) – FictionJunction YUUKA

Monixさんが歌うスペイン語版 暁の車(機動戦士ガンダムSEED)
“Akatsuki no kuruma(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)” sung by Monix in Spanish.


Cobijada por los árboles, llamo al viento llorándole
Ya no sé quién soy,¿qué me pasó? No reconozco mi yo actual
Mi guitarra le dedicará una canción al que se fue
La estrella fugaz caerá en pos del que no volveré a ver

Por más que grité que no me dejaras, no importó
Fueron gritos sordos que ahora están dejándose sentir, conmoviéndome
Mis recuerdos ya decidí dejarlos de evocar
es mejor ya no dejarse torturar
por tanto tiempo
Te digo adios, mi gran amor.

Como un pensamiento infantil, de una mano maternal
apartada de su vástago, así se siente el corazón
Mi guitarra le dedicará una tonada de dolor
a mi gran amor que se marchó, tocaré hasta sangrar

La gran tristeza de esta melodía ensombreció
los días de verano y secó
los pétalos de nuestra bella flor
Aunque este dolor pueda hacer que pierda la razón
seguiré tocando mi guitarra, yendo a este son
Al ritmo de un triste adiós

En un mundo tan cambiante y lleno de memorias tan volátiles
siempre habrá nostalgia al interior de nuestro corazón

Despidámonos del carruaje que transporta al sol
mientras esos pétalos están cayéndose en algún lugar
Hasta no tener de regreso ese amanecer
que contigo vi en esos días de ayer
no permitas que muera la luz
El alba está muy próximo.

【英語】暁の車(機動戦士ガンダムSEED) – FictionJunction YUUKA

geekymcgeeksteinさんが歌う英語版 暁の車(機動戦士ガンダムSEED)
“Akatsuki no Kuruma(機動戦士ガンダムSEED)” sung by geekymcgeekstein in English.


Calling to the wind, beneath the trees, I weep into unforgiving earth
My reflection is distorted and I cannot recognize my face
With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Like a shooting star, you dissapear, soon gone without a trace

“Please don’t leave me now!”
Desperately I scream
Another vow tossed into a stream
Onwhich the silent orange blooms sway so aimlessly
I have saved them all,
Every memory
But now they fall to eternity
They scatter in the wind
Leaving me to strum one more ‘goodbye’
One more ‘farewell’

Like a little child, I long for the warmth of a hand to cling upon
But the blazing wheels of tragedy cast me aside without a care
With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Every note I pluck is agony, deepening my despair

All my sorrow leaves a stain,
tainting what was pure
and free from pain, warping the allure
of orange blooms I used to watch stir in the summer breeze
Even if I lose
Every memory
I’ll chase them all far across the sea
To blood-stained deserts where
every breath creates the rhythm of

So the earth still turns, and it will never cease, though we may wish it to
But, planted in my mind, an orange flower still blooms in memory of you

Waving my goodbye to a crimson sun
I spare a sigh for the things undone
For even now those orange blooms sway on a stream somewhere
And until the peace that I long to hold
Has found release from its cage of gold
Please do not let your light
Ever die away
So that the Wheel
Of Fate will turn