Original singer: supercell
Original lyrics: ryo

English singer: MOM0KI
English lyrics: ShadowLink4321

pointing: 指さす
summer triangle: 夏の大三角
lonely: 孤独な
gazing up: 見上げた
falling: 降る
can’t help but wonder: 不思議に思う
just want to know: ただ知りたい
my very own: 私だけの
in my heart: 私の思い

「あれが デネブ、アルタイル、ベガ」
“look, There is DENEB, then ALTAIR, and then VEGA.”

君は指差す 夏の大三角
覚えて 空を見る
You look vibrant pointing out the summer triangle
Your the brightest star in my sky

When I was by myself I found ORIHIME-SAMA

But all I do is wonder where’s HIKOBOSHI-SAMA

これじゃ 一人ぼっち
With you gone it just gets so lonely

I am gazing up into the beautiful swirling sky

The falling stars are reflected in your eyes!

I can’t help but wonder
Are we falling under

君のことを 追いかける私がいた
I just want to know if I’m the one you want

どうかお願い 驚かないで聞いてよ
I’m asking you nicely
To be listening to me

私の この想いを
These feelings are my very own!
I’ll hold them in my heart

【英語】staple stable(化物語) – 斎藤千和

Rihsaさんが歌う英語版 staple stable(化物語)
“staple stable(Bakemonogatari)” sung by Rihsa in English.


At this very moment I have a lot of time
So it would be best if I run away right now
Before I make any, more mistakes than I can handle

Staple, Stable

All the words that you say are lined with my staples
And they suddenly pierce right through my heart and
I bleed inside, I break inside. It hurts, so.
All of this pain is your fault!

Don’t get closer
To someone, someone who is just me
Don’t look this way
And watch me, watch me as I wander
Don’t say a word
While smiling, smiling so happily
To anybody else

*Wherever the two of us may go
Promise me that it will be
An endless path, as everlasting, as the floating sky

You’re so mean to me, and yet you’re kind
If I could jump in your heart
And pretend it, was the open ocean, would you accept me?

So today I’ll tell you all the feelings I’ve had for you
I’ll be true to my own thoughts, that just cannot be weighed*

The future isn’t set in stone or determined
It was just as I had been hoping all this time
If that’s the case then why and when did this become stressful?

Staple, Stable

Whenever I’m faced with these small problems of mine
I try to think of that one person I can always talk to
I guess I had always known
that that one person was you!

Will you search for
That someone, someone who is just me
Won’t you look at
And watch me, watch me as I wander
Don’t you leave me
And take, and take that smile of yours
Don’t you ever do it


We had laid down next to each other
With our fingers we filled in the stars
Resting on the sky’s portrait
This was our very own story

You, the speeding, bright shooting star
Please grant the wish that I ask you

For the first time I tried running through
this long and tiring path
And today I had tried harder than ever before

This is the everyday life we live
it’s trivial but I
Am hoping that we can always laugh again tomorrow!


夏のアニソン 2012

I want to tell my favorite summer anime songs.

Kimi no shiranai monogatari(Bakemonogatari)

Romantic summer(瀬戸の花嫁)
Romantic summer(Seto no Hanayome)

Tori no Uta(AIR)


Bokura no natsu no yume(Summer wars)

Of course, “Summer is Anison” isn’t it?